Hi I'm Colleen Brown and I'm a junior Secendary Ed./English major here at Bloomsburg.

Discussions help but really taking detailed notes is what gets me through. I'm not a huge studier (I'm not sure why but I can never seem to just sit there looking at notes) but writing the notes down in class helps commit them to memory. Even in a discussion I'll take notes so that I can quickly look back later and remember what was said.

I really enjoy group discussions in my classes. I can learn by taking notes and just listening to a teacher speak but I think that I become more interested and involved when I can discuss the material with my teacher and classmates. Discussion helps students to decide what they believe about the subject and allows them to develop their own opinions while listening to the opinions of others. I know from experience that sometimes discussions don't go the way we hope them to but i do think they can be the most beneficial form of teaching.
Outside of class I love reading, going on walks, watching movies, and singing. I'm constantly singing. Like 24/7. One of my favorite things to do is to get songs in my roommates head and torture them with it all day =p.

I would want to know how the other students in the class learned and how they would teach some of the literature in their own classes.


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