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What helps me learn: Discussions and interactive hands-on activity
What do I like/hate doing in the classroom: There really isn't anything that I always hate doing in the classroom as long as whatever we are doing in the classroom is new, interesting or different way
What do I like to do outside of the classroom: I love music and music related activities like singing, dance, playing, listening etc.
What do I want to know about my colleagues: Whatever they want to tell me


Connolly Multiple Intelligences Survey

Connolly LENS1 (King of Shadows)

Connolly LENS2 (Monster)

Connolly Insider (Literature Circles)

Connolly LENS3 (True Notebooks)

Connolly LENS4 (The Hunger Games)

Connolly LENS5 (Persepolis)

Connolly LENS6 (Orange Houses)