Before Bloomsburg, I lived in…Douglassville, PA

At Bloomsburg, I want to major in…Secondary/Education English

Right now, I’m most interested in…getting in shape. I've been going to the gym more and I'm also taking a swimming class

My favorite musical artist is….too many to count but probably Mumford and Sons(right now. It changes from day to day)

My favorite movie is….Pride and Prejudice

One thing I like to do in my spare time is…listen to music, read books, take walks, and watch movies. And baking things!

When it comes to technology, I’m most comfortable with…(put X next to all that apply)

(X)Microsoft Word
(X)Microsoft Powerpoint
(X)Text messaging
(X)Taking cellphone pictures
(X)Taking cellphone video
(X)Taking cellphone audio Video editing
(X)Blogging or Social Networking (e.g., Facebook)
( ) Making websites

My favorite teachers were the ones who…really seemed to enjoy what they taught. You can tell when someone just doesn't care and why should I care if the teacher won't? The teachers who wanted to make the subject fun for us were the ones I liked the best.

But I didn’t like classes in which…I had to do anything with math. Not just because I didn't like math but because I had a lot of math teachers who just didn't care anymore.
In this class, I’m most nervous about…Managing my time for other classes so that I can do well on the projects for this class.

In this class, I’m most excited about…Learning about new technologies(like the wiki) that I can use in my class someday with my students.

If there’s one thing you should know about me as a student, it’s…I work hard at everything I do and I like figuring things out on my own..

If there’s one thing you should know about me in general, it’s…Sometimes I can overwork myself and not really take time to just relax and cooldown.

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